BaitBuddies – Bait: Cesar Rossi Straight: Tommy


BaitBuddies - Bait Cesar Rossi Straight Tommy
Cesar Rossi is this week’s bait and this stud has reached a new milestone… Cesar has been here 25 times! That’s a lot of straight cock but Cesar handles it well! He knows how to make a straight guy feel comfortable and his ass is too hot to pass up! Once a man sees his big bubble butt, it doesn’t matter what his sexuality is, he’s going to stick his dick in it and fuck it hard!

Tommy is this week’s straight guy and at 30 years old, he can’t wait to get laid. Tommy tells Caruso that he needs the money because he has “baby mama drama” but didn’t want to elaborate. Basically, this hot daddy needs some cash and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get laid and paid. So, Caruso brings up the fact that Tommy listed ass play as one of his favorite activities on his model application. Tommy didn’t deny it and he told Caruso that he’s comfortable enough with his sexuality that he doesn’t mind telling anyone how much he loves when his girlfriend plays with his ass. Tommy also has a very sexy ass and we can see why his girlfriend can’t keep her hands off of it!

Caruso tells both guys to get hard and stay hard while he steps out to check on the girl. But, she won’t be showing up and Cesar and Tommy are left with only one option to make money…. if both guys will have sex with each other then not only can Caruso continue shooting the scene, but he will also pay both guys twice the original offer. Tommy acted like the idea bothered him for a split second but he couldn’t pass up the money and he really needed to bust a nut so he caved in and decided to go gay for pay!


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