BaitBuddies – Bait: Helloojose Bait: Luka


BaitBuddies - Bait Helloojose Bait Luka
Helloojose is back and he has a new title! Helloojose is the latest model to be named a All Star! Sure he loves his new title but what he loves more is sex! And, Helloojose is so happy that he went gay for pay. It opened his eyes and allowed him to explore his sexuality and try new things. Today, he’ll be surprising a superfan for the first time!

Luka is a superfan of and he’s also a superfan of Helloojose. Luka loves everything about Helloojose and he contacted Caruso almost every single time that he saw a new scene with Helloojose in it! Luka goes for the tall, dark, and handsome look and Helloojose has a beautiful uncock cock to complete the package. Luka has jacked off to his videos for so long and he can’t believe that his dream has finally come true.

Caruso skips the usual set-up and instructs Luka and Helloojose to get naked and have some fun. Helloojose likes what he sees standing beside him but he gets even more turned on when he sees Luka’s giant 9-inch cock! It’s a monster… a big and beautiful monster!