BaitBuddies – Bait: Marco Lorenzo Straight: Brad


BaitBuddies - Bait Marco Lorenzo Straight Brad
Marco Lorenzo is back again and so is his giant uncut cock! Both are impressive and both are highly requested. As a matter of fact, Caruso has received numerous requests for Marco to stick that monster in a straight dude’s tight ass! So, Caruso contacted Marco, he explained the situation, and Marco was more than happy to help out!

Brad is this week’s straight guy and even though he has a girlfriend, he still hasn’t found exactly what he’s looking for. That’s why he decided to give porn a try. And, Brad was made for porn! He’s only 33 and he keeps in shape by playing sports. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working! Brad is tall, dark, and handsome and he has a beautiful cock and ass! His ass is big and round and he tells Caruso that he lets his girlfriend fuck it with her strap-on! Maybe today, he’ll take Marco’s big dick!

Caruso has both guys get naked, get hard, and stay hard! Neither Marco nor Brad had any problems. But, Caruso sure did. No girl will be showing up today and the only option for anyone to make any money would require Brad and Marco to have sex with each other. Brad hesitated but he couldn’t pass on the money. He said that he really needs to pay some bills and he also admitted to having a kinky side. So, he said yes and agreed to add gay for pay to his list of experiences. I wonder if Marco will be able to fit his entire thick dick in Brad’s tight little hole?


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