TickledHard – Lucas’ Tickle Pleasures

Franco wastes no time stripping Lucas down to his crew socks and tickling him. It’s all new for 21-year-old Lucas, who quickly discovers that he’s insanely ticklish. Franco tickles his taint and balls with a feathery watercolor brush before returning to his socked feet with a soap saver. The sensation is so intense that even when Franco pauses, Lucas feels like the tickling hasn’t stopped. Lucas laughs hysterically as Franco tickles him in his armpits and blows raspberries on his smooth stomach and sides. He gets his ticklee squirming by lightly tickling Lucas’ sensitive ear and neck. Lucas howls as Franco tickles his torso, first from the side, then on top, then from the side again. It’s a real workout that’s got Lucas sweating! At last, Franco focuses on Lucas beautiful size 10 1/2 feet, tickling them with his thick fingers and a variety of brushes. Lucas’ simian laughter increases as Franco tickles him harder and harder on his soles and between his toes. He becomes breathless as Franco tickles him on his inner thighs, and then Franco starts fucking with him. He strokes Lucas’ hard cock and plays a little with his asshole while tickling his legs and nipples. At last Lucas’ sends up giant spurts of cum, but the fun’s not over. Franco jacks his extra-sensitive cock, rubs Lucas’ cum into his soles then ends with a deep tickle of Lucas’ ribs and pits. He’s a screamer!


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