TickledHard – Strongman Tickled Hard – Dozer


If you like seeing burly men tickled hard, this video is for you. Married bisexual guy Dozer is a record-breaking powerlifter and professional strongman, but strength only goes so far when he’s locked into Franco’s tickling table. Immediately Dozer starts sweating as Franco explores his ticklish spots, and his size 11 feet are a special treat. Producing more aggravated swearing than laughter, this is one mean tickle! Franco jumps on top of the angry bear and tickles him in his sweaty pits until he nearly pulls his shoulders out of their sockets. He intensely tickles the stud’s feet while instructing him to keep his hands to himself. Then after an enormous tickle hug from behind, Franco re-latches Dozer’s wrists and slides his lubed up fingers in between the muscle man’s monster thighs. The experience becomes more and more overwhelming, to the point where Franco has to pause the session so the big fella can catch his breath. For the rest of of the tickle, Franco flips Dozer on his stomach so he can get at his huge backside. He starts with the muscular inner thighs, up high by his butt, then jumps back down to Dozer’s super-ticklish feet. Dozer growls like a caged beast, swearing loudly and begging for Franco to stop. He bangs the tickle table hard when Franco uses the soap savers and brushes on his feet, and he grunts loudly when Franco tickles his sides and stomach. At last, Franco flips Dozer back over and plays with his dick and asshole before cumming on Dozer’s foot.

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