CollegeDudes – Got A Load For Me? – Johnny Hunter, Jakeb Wilde


It’s the weekend, so Johnny needs to do some chores to get ready for the upcoming week. One of those is doing laundry, so he goes into Jakeb’s room and asks for some clothes. But when Jakeb starts to strip to his underwear, plans take a turn as Johnny gets turned on. Distracted, he starts sucking Jakeb’s dick. Jakeb is loving it, and takes joy in watching his roommate pleasure him. The boys switch and Johnny gets his dick sucked too. They both love to please each other, so they get in 69 position and suck some more.

Before long, Jakeb gets Johnny to bend over and enters from behind. He slams into Johnny’s ass doggy style. Johnny takes it hard, and moans loud while his hole handles Jakeb’s dick. He flips to his back and gets pounded some more. Jakeb goes deeper and faster into Johnny, then pulls out and shoots his load all over him. Johnny then cums on himself.



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