CollegeDudes – Hang Over Fuck Session – Jayden Pierce, Mikey Allens


Mikey had a wild night last night, and now feels the effects of it this morning. To help his friend out, Jayden comes in the room with some breakfast to help with Mikey’s hangover. To show his appreciation, Mikey kisses Jayden, and things get heated. The guys take off their shirts and play around on the bed, before Mikey’s dick ends up in Jayden’s mouth. He slowly goes down on Mikey and polishes his friend’s cock with his tongue. Mikey enjoys it, and forgets about his hangover for a second while he lies back and gets serviced. Then Mikey gets on his knees and sucks Jayden’s dick in return.

Jayden gets behind Mikey and puts his long cock inside Mikey’s ass. Mikey starts moaning as he gets pounded doggy style. Jayden loves slamming his cock into Mikey and feeling his hole. Mikey turns to his back and spreads his legs to get fucked some more by Jayden. It turns Mikey on to watch his friend fuck him, to the point where he busts a load on himself. Jayden thrusts harder until he pulls out and shoots his load on Mikey.



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