Coach Rick’s broad, muscular back eclipses Cameron, whose lean form can occasionally be seen peeking out around the thick imposing frame of his mentor. Cameron is shuffling through boxes in the storage room, grabbing a stool to investigate what’s hiding out of sight on the top shelf. This puts him on a perfect ass-grabbing level, and Coach Rick doesn’t waste the opportunity, covering half of Cameron’s tight round butt with just one beefy mitt. Cameron turns toward him with a sparkling smile. “You want that, don’t you?” he says boldly.

Coach Rick has been thinking about making his move all season. He couldn’t imagine his luck when Cameron offered to stay after practice and help him set up for next week’s drills. And now, in the musty storage room, Coach Rick replies, “Yeah. I do want it.”

Cameron steps down and pushes his coach back onto the padded stool so the man’s eyes are at crotch level. It’s the first time the two have touched, and Cameron’s hands are exploring his coach’s physique while the man looks up at him with big, expectant eyes. Cameron pulls the man’s face into his crotch, and Coach nibbles lightly at his hardon through the fabric. Cameron peels off Coach Rick’s tank top, pushes him flat on his back, and kneels to give him a similar treatment. But Coach can’t wait. He wants to let that big bone out of Cameron’s tiny shorts.


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