TwinkTop – TOP TRAINING – TAG TEAM – Bishop Angus, Cole Blue, Lucas Ryder


Lucas has already topped Coach Angus, but it never hurts to get some extra training. Cole has come with him, and he’s armed with several toys to help Lucas learn a bit more about dominating their mentor. In fact, the lesson starts the moment boys enter the room. Cole instructs their coach to get on all fours on the bed, and the man does so without question. And when Coach Angus sees the buttplugs and dildo that Cole hands to Lucas, he can’t help but smile. He’s ready for these boys to use him. It’s obvious Angus is horny, because he’s bulging in his undies as Cole guides Lucas’ hand to his coach’s ass. After the boys get the older man to stand, they drop his briefs and let his cock spring free. Without ceremony he is bent right back over on the bed and Cole gets his tongue deep in the man’s musky crack. Cole then pulls Lucas’ face down into the coach’s ass, showing the boy he has to take it if he wants it. Every inch of Cole’s substantial hardon is visible against the taut fabric of his shorts, which are already stained with a large dark patch of precum. Cole pushes Lucas to his knees and kneels next to him to slide the dildo into Coach’s ass. He loves stuffing the man’s hole with toys, and he loves showing Lucas how to do it. The boys are horny for each other, too, so they start making out, while Angus drops to his knees and pulls down their shorts. He gets a drop of Cole’s precum on his finger and feeds it to Cole, and that intimate moment gets him wild. He sucks both boys’ dicks with abandon as they keep kissing. Then Cole decides it’s time for the main event. He bends Coach over the bed and presses into his mentor’s hole while Lucas occupies the man’s mouth with his own stiff meat. Cole is a lot harder and wider than the dildo he brought, and the man is grunting and groaning as the boy fucks him. Coach Angus gags as he tries to deepthroat Lucas, but Cole want’s Lucas to fuck the man and calls his friend back to the coach’s hole. Lucas slides his arrow-straight cock right in. Cole grins greedily as he stands on the bed, holding coach’s buzzed head down on his own heavy pole. Lucas picks up the pace: he’s having a great time topping the man he’s looked up to for so long. With a spank on Coach’s ass, he tells him to get on his back. Lucas slides back into Angus’ hole while Cole fucks the man’s mouth. Lucas wants to paint his coach’s face with his buddy. The boys lean over their mentor as he squeezes and tugs on their balls with either hand. They cum one after the other, dropping huge, hot loads of cum all over Coach’s beard.



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