TwinkTop – CLEANROOM INTAKE – Mark Winters, Dolf Dietrich, Legrand Wolf


Mark knows he should be scared, but he puts all his trust in the doctors overseeing him. He sees the level of precaution they’re taking and assumes they must know what they’re doing. It’s a strange experience to be stripped down and examined even in the best of circumstances, let alone in an emergency like a global pandemic with most of the world’s population wiped out.

He tries his best to stay calm and collected, but the gloved hands of the attending medic do something to him he wasn’t prepared for. He looks down at his exposed cock, seeing it harden as the man touching him spends more time around his ass and groin.

He was embarrassed at first, trying not to do anything out of line or inappropriate. But his unexpected erection turned out to be the least bizarre part of his inspection.

When one of the masked doctors told him to suck the other’s cock, his eyes went wide. He swore he misheard it, but when the doctor repeated the request, Mark’s cock visibly shot up, as if volunteering without saying a word.



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