TwinkTop – HEALTHY YOUNG MALE – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – Bishop Angus, Ian Levine, Legrand Wolf


As the pandemic continues, studies proceed to understand the nature of the contagion. Ian is anxious to return to normal life, but is willing to follow the instructions of the government agents.

He’s shown he’s capable of breeding once, but they’re looking for more information to conclude their research. Bringing in Agent Angus, Ian is instructed to insert his erect penis into the mature man’s rectum, triggering his prostate and, ultimately, reach orgasm with insemination.

When Angus gets up on the exam table, presenting his meaty, round, muscular ass, Ian’s cock instantly swells with excitement. In any other moment, such a sight would make him immediately worked up and horny to fuck. It’s a little strange to have those feelings in the presence of an observing physician and cameras rolling. Still, it’s what he must do, so he goes along with it.

Using his fingers, he begins to open up Angus’ hole, feeling his tough, muscular sphincter tighten around his digits before relaxing and taking him in. His insides are smooth and warm, making the young man even harder. He takes out his cock, stroking it as he imagines sliding deep between Angus’ cheeks.



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