FrockTheWorld – Human Chandelier – Thiktool & Toolboi


FrockTheWorld - Human Chandelier - Thiktool & Toolboi 1
I am upside down, my legs and hips held up with rope. My shoulders are the only point of contact with the mat. I feel a shadow beside me. A hand extends.The first couple of drops take me by surprise, like jolts of electricity against skin. A surge of adrenaline, my heart throbs against the cage rope on my chest.The pouring of molten liquid continues.

I feel the thick viscous substance trickling from my knees down to my waist, running from the tributaries into a gushing river, pooling and hardening into the crevices of my skin, casting an imprint of the negative of my body.

I arch my back and writhe in pleasure as the wax reaches my groin, letting out short muffled moans of ecstasy.The warm pulsating sensation of a soothing hug encrusting me in soft warm wax.

-Words by ToolBoi