– Jim Durden & Sven Basquiat

FrenchTwinks - Jim Durden & Sven Basquiat 1
Sven Basquiat is well-known for his bottomless appetite for sex and takes every opportunity to indulge his horniness. When he finds out what happened to Jim Durden during the quadbike tour, he sees a chance to get fucked by one of our most awesome lovers. After making breakfast for Jim and treating his wounds, it’s time for payback. Jim is feeling much better, his libido fully returned. Sven and Jim are a dream pairing and we can be sure from the start that the sex will be wild and passionate. Oral foreplay moves to rimming until Jim finally penetrates Sven’s hole. Their intense fucking in several positions is deeply satisfying. We are super grateful to Luke Hamill for capturing the action which concludes with two massive cumshots shown from every possible angle.