AussiesDoIt – Bare Bangin’ Bottom


AussiesDoIt - Bare Bangin' Bottom 1
When horny bottoms collide, it can go two very different ways. Either a disappointing attempt with a couple of wet noodles desperate for a real top, or a HOT hookup with two studs who really understand what gets each other off. Fortunately in this matchup between international fuckers British Beckett and Colombian ex-pat Mateo, Beckett rises to the occasion and gives his new Latino buddy the marathon screw he needs. Asked to describe what he misses from his homeland Mateo responds he misses the spicy, earthy food and the sensual uninhibited men. But he’s open to forgetting about Colombian guys if Australia gives him a good reason.

Beckett and Mateo both love kissing, and they take their sweet time making out. We don’t know for certain which direction these two confirmed bottoms are taking this until we get a clue from Mateo’s thirsty cocksucking and Beckett being first to attach his mouth firmly to his buddy’s hungry ass. Mateo moans to let us know how badly he needs cock, and it gets Beckett into top gear. Soon the British bleach blond is sliding his stiff bare cock into mateo’s twitching booty and they’re off to the races. Becket gives it to the horny Colombian from behind, standing, and lying down with Mateo riding. Finally they settle into a steady groove in missionary, Mateo wrapped tightly around Beckett’s thrusting hips. This is too hot to keep going for long, but they manage another five scorching minutes till Mateo is over the edge and splattering his sperm on the mattress below. When Beckett breeds his load deep into Mateo and finally pulls out his throbbing cock, the director congratulates the two bottoms on a truly marathon-length power fuck.