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As you all remember, Jefe is a straight Marine from Camp Pendleton who I met through a friend of mine and who was extremely cautious and nervous when he came to my facility with my friend who was doing a video. I immediately approached Jefe and asked him if he was interested in doing some work and he politely declined. I gave him my number and told him that if he ever changed his mind to look me up. A little over two weeks went by and, of course, I received a call from Jefe asking me how he could make some money. What resulted that day I have on tape for you now… Take a look.
He was defiantly against any sort of homosexual contact and made it pretty obvious he wanted to stay clear of that but like most Marines I meet, the cash and the horniess usually gets the best of them and they end up buckling down as did Jefe. When we got started shooting we had agreed to a solo scene which he was nervous enough about to doing.
I started taping and asked him the usual and then made him strip down to his birthday suit. He was instantly hard and began jerking himself to some nice porn I put up on my television. He stroked like he had been doing it for years.. lol.. well I guess he probably did but in front of the cameras was the difference.
I shot him from a few different angles and was getting a little anxious about the scene and decided I would blindside him and interrupt his whacking with a proposal of some homosexual contact. I first went for the gold and asked if he’d let me suck his cock which he flat out refused but when I proposed to double his fee for a handjob he looked at me and paused without saying anything… I knew I had him then. He thought about it and then he actually bocked down and said yes to my surprise and amazement.
This little stud with his lean latino body with brown skin and a sexy 6 inch naturally cut cock was just ready for the picking. I took hold of his meat and began my hand manipulation and I noticed that it wasn’t taking much effort to bring this guy to close orgasm. Within a few minutes of me taking over, I knew that I had Jefe right where I wanted him and began to play with his orgasm bringing him close then backing off doing this several times before in the end I made this Latino Jarhead blow a load that even surprised me. For all you latino lovers, here’s a submission with a nice ending. Enjoy!