BadPuppy – Diesel Washington, Jessie Colter


BadPuppy - Diesel Washington, Jessie Colter 1
Please welcome Diesel Washington & Jessie Colter back in our first BADPUPPY Classic that uses AI-enhanced technology in 2023 to up-convert videos that were shot more than ten years ago with the available technology at the time. And here’s what we had to say about this video when it originally ran: 41-year-old Diesel, a personal trainer from New York City, and 27-year-old Jessie, from Louisville, KY, come together after a night at the club. They are extremely attracted to each other and horny as hell! The guys go back to Diesel’s place and barely get through the door before they are all over each other. Diesel’s pants come down, and Jessie does his best to go completely down on Diesel’s huge tool. Jessie lays back on the chair, and Diesel has a turn at sucking Jessie’s cock. Diesel turns Jessie over on all fours and gives him a good ass eating – literally chewing him out in preparation of power fucking Jessie with his huge cock, and we’re talking huge! Jessie is experiencing a painful type of pleasure for sure, as Diesel rams him like a freight train in multiple positions. The final is Jessie on his back with his legs held up. Jessie loses it – blowing his load big time. Diesel stands over Jessie and blows a huge load across Jessie’s abs – ending this HOT Fuck Fest!