MyFriendsFeet – Miguel’s Tickling Audition


MyFriendsFeet - Miguel's Tickling Audition 1
The Bearded Feet King himself, Miguel, came in to test his ticklish limits in the tickle chair. On a scale from 1 to 10, he believed he was a 7 in ticklishness. Boy, was he wrong! With a few test tickles, including on his sexy size 10.5/11 feet, his first surprise came when I tickled his legs. What a laugh! After some more poking and prodding, I get Dan and Killian, who just happen to be in the neighborhood, to help give him the ticklish grand finale he deserves. A 7? More like an 11. Even after all of that, he is still excited to come back. I’m looking forward to it, Miguel!