BaitBuddies – Bait: Hans Berlin Bait: Kingcuba


BaitBuddies - Bait Hans Berlin Bait Kingcuba
Kingcuba and Hans Berlin are back at the studio and these two uncut studs are ready to flip-fuck!

Hans has been fucked several times before but today he’s going to be taking Kingcuba’s giant dick in his big beautiful ass! But, that dick is no small challenge! It’s large and in charge! Hans says that he’s only here to please and that he loves men with really big dicks! It’s his biggest turn-on and the bigger the better!

Today will also be very special for Kingcuba because this will be the very first time his virgin hole has ever been fucked. And, his first time is going to be with a thick 8-inch cock! Kingcuba was a little nervous but Hans promised to be gentle and go slow…

Check out Kingcuba and Hans as they take turns swapping blowjobs and sticking their big dicks in each other’s holes!


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