JawKed – Soccer Player Strokes – Miles Gallagher


23 year old Miles Gallagher is a natural show off, but with a big cock like his I guess it’s not much of a surprise. The footballer is more than willing to get naked and show off his jerking skills for the Jawked viewers in this solo session, and we’re more than eager to watch and wank along.

As you might have guessed he’s pretty much straight, but he’s not narrow. He’s one of those open-minded and easygoing guys who isn’t scared to share his dick with whoever wants to see it.

Maybe it’s all those afternoons in the team showers with his friends, swinging their dicks around and comparing, but he’s very obviously not the kind of guy to shy away from getting a little horny for the boys.

He’s looking good in his footballer kit, but he looks better when he’s taking it off and showing us his tattoos, playing with the long and swelling cock in his shorts. He likes his body art, and for those who enjoy a little roughness to their sporty twinks it’s a nice sight.

When he takes a seat on the couch his dick is soon poking out one of those leg holes, his hard meat damp and stiff while he wanks and rubs it.

It’s an impressive dick he has there, enough for both hands to grab it. He plays with his meaty muscle and grasps his balls, tugging and stroking.

The boy makes full use of his dick, playing with the fat tip, pumping his shaft, toying with his nuts and even showing off his virgin ass for the fans to enjoy. You wouldn’t mind scoring a good goal with him.

We don’t need any more proof of his sporting skills when it comes to self pleasure, but the impressive cum load he delivers in the final moments is a crowd pleaser. We don’t have a soccer chant to scream from the sidelines but we’re certainly showing our appreciation for his semen splashing skills by firing off our own goopy mess.