JawKed – Lil Bro Cums Home – Adrian Serdar, Marcel Boyle


A lot of us know what it’s like when you have to share a room. The need for privacy is strong, especially among horny young men with hard cocks and loaded balls who love to wank one out every day.

Fit jock boy Adrian Serdar is quickly making the most of his moments alone in the bedroom for this Jawked video, when his young step-brother Marcel Boyle decides to head out for a walk through town.

His rampant pink penis is soon out of his shorts and in his wanking hand, pumping his tumescent meat in his desperate grip.

Adrian should have planned better. In short time his little bro is back to show off his the photos he’s been taking and he’s caught with his bulging meat tenting his shorts.

He shouldn’t have worried so much, clearly young Marcel is more than a little familiar with a young man’s needs and with a grope of the engorged manhood barely contained in those shorts he’s soon devouring the gorgeous erection.

If fit Adrian had known his step-bro was so open-minded he wouldn’t have hidden his need to get off, but now the cat is out of the bag he can’t wait to slurp on Marcel’s hardening boner in return.

With a taste of dick and a little licking of the slimmer boy’s hole Adrian pumps his big raw meat deep inside, fucking Marcel with the kind of desperate need we knew he had. He fucks him standing on the bed, pumps his pucker in a great spooning and almost doubles the boy over to drive his naked dick deeper.

Marcel is loving every second, he can’t hold his cum inside when his step-bro hits that sweet spot with his bulging helmet deep in his ass, splashing his seed out over his tight abs.

Finally Adrian gets the relief he needed, pulling out and rubbing his gorgeous tool to sling his hot ropes of thick spooge all over his lean bro’s naked and gooey body.

Next time neither of them will need to worry about getting the privacy to jack off.