JawKed – Christian Hermes Solo


If you’re a fit guy who likes to work out then you’re probably more than a little familiar with the need to get off after a good session. Christian Hermes is one of those guys who understands it all too well. His big uncut cock won’t let him ignore it in this Jawked workout session.

He’s bulging in his sexy blue and yellow shorts from the moment he picks up the first weight. A few curls later and his shirt is off to show his very lean and tight body.

Christian isn’t a muscle man, he’s an athlete. He’s the kind of guy who enjoys some good cardio, some swimming and running, or playing football at the weekends.

With some sit ups out of the way and his abs aching from the effort he takes a breather, his long dick peeking out from the leg of his shorts and quickly in his stroking hand.

He has such an amazing cock, it’s so long, meaty and powerful looking. With a little pumping he’s soon super stiff and ready to finish his workout with his penis the focus of his attention.

His shorts come off and he shows us his hole, a tight winking pucker that would love to welcome you deep inside.

That big cock swells even more while he wanks himself off, the cum load building inside until he’s laying back on the mat and bringing his meat to climax.

Sporty men often seem to cum a lot, and Christian is no exception. With his thick and long tool taken to the limit he spews his hot cream from his tip, his cum leaping out to splash all over his abs in a messy finish that would surely have us all spurting with him.