JalifStudio – Enzo di Karina, Atlan Adam


A damp, dark, grimy cellar underneath a French farmhouse. Two workmen enter the space and one of them, a dark-haired boy called Atlan, moves to the corner, undoes the fly of his jeans and unleashes an arc of clear piss against the stone wall.

Atlan’s sexy colleague, the shaven-headed, highly-chiseled Enzo, is overcome with extreme horniness. The sight of his cute workmate urinating makes him hard. He can’t help himself. He pulls his giant, stiff dick out of his loose soccer shorts and starts to tug at it.

The two men stare at each other, eyes glinting lustfully. They approach each other and Enzo pushes Atlan onto his knees, groaning in deep satisfaction as the innocent boy hungrily sucks him off.

Enzo sits on the ground, spreads his legs and relaxes as the younger guy continues to pleasure him. It’s clear that sleazy thoughts are now running through his mind…

Seconds later, Atlan is lying on his back, hands and feet bound together with black rope as Enzo plows his ass. The experience is intense. Atlan gasps and shakes in shock as his ass is ruthlessly skewered by his shaven-headed colleague.

Enzo suddenly cranks things up a notch, spinning the twink around, pulling him up onto all fours and squatting behind him, thrusting his dick deeper and deeper into the boy with increasing power.

The two guys stand and jerk themselves off. Atlan is first to blast his load. Huge shafts of white jizz spray from his helmet onto the floor. The sexy sight triggers Enzo who immediately empties his own impressive load, creating a giant cum puddle on the ground.



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