JawKed – Sparring Stepbros – Harry Davis, Ivan Kerk


You have to admit that if big muscle man Ivan Kirk was your step brother you’d probably get hard whenever you’re around him, too. Harry Davis certainly can’t hide the fact that he’s a little turned on when he gets a private boxing lesson from the big guy in this Jawked video, but with his big twink cock in those loose fitting shorts it’s no wonder it’s so obvious to a man like Ivan.

It seems Ivan is more than a little experienced with such distractions arising during training, perhaps his sparring partners are equally inclined to show off a big stiff boner when the presence of the handsome hunk gets the better of them.

Ivan knows there’s little point in continuing the training while the boy’s big dick is so thick and hard, but he’s more than happy to help his step brother out with those needs and show him how the guys at the gym resolve that problem.

With a little rubbing of the boy’s big pink uncut dick Ivan works out that it’s going to take more than a wank to make that cock spurt but he’s happy to get naked and share his own stiff muscled meat with lucky young Harry, starting with some innocent cock frotting before he gets to work sucking on the young man’s meat.

We don’t know if his boxing buddies have gone so far before in their training but he clearly likes sucking that dick, and he likes it even more when Harry slurps his meaty uncut dong in return.

The training session really reaches its peak when Ivan eases his big boxer dick into the boy’s tight little hole, fucking little Harry from behind before giving the twink a ride on his bulging manhood.

Harry’s big cock swings and slaps around while he bounces on the raw meat, the pleasure swelling inside until the boy is laying back and taking a good banging from handsome Ivan, furiously wanking the cum out of his cock in a messy display and taking a hot mess of boxer cream over his cock and balls while Ivan rubs his own juicy load out.