JawKed – Plowed Peeper – Ron Negba, Simon Best


Ron Negba is one of those big-dicked boys who always jacks off in the shower, and he tends to leave the door open when he thinks he’s home alone. It turns out his step-brother Simon Best is still hanging around the house and when he catches sight of Ron jerking his big meat in the shower he can’t help but spy.

His curiosity is about to lead to some real rampant Jawked action.

Anyone would stop and stare at such a tempting sight, bit it works out especially well for Simon when Ron catches his curious gaze.

Chased to the bedroom and not really putting up much of a fight handsome young jock boy Simon soon finds himself at the mercy of his horny step-brother. Ron isn’t the kind of guy to miss out on an opportunity to shoot a load even if it’s with another guy.

In no time at all Simon’s curiosity is being satisfied as he gets his first suck of a hard cock, gobbling the wet meat of his horny bro and enjoying the feel of another guy’s mouth on his own stiff inches.

He may have just been curious about touching and sucking that dick but with Ron’s cock now raging and Simon’s hairy ass right there he soon finds himself bouncing on that big piece of meat, the cock sliding deep inside his naked hole while his own turgid erection dribbles and drips with delight.

The fast and frantic fucking he takes on his back ends with Ron spilling his seed over his cock and balls, a final hand job making Simon gush his own thick and warm load from his rampant manhood in a gooey finish that could only ever lead to them sharing showers from now on.



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