BarebackThatHole – Paolo Bianchi, Tanner Thomas

Paolo is just running through all the sexy guys in town, and after meeting Tanner at a bar, he knew he had to be next on his hit list of happy cum filled holes. As soon as they enter the room, they start going at each other, kissing, groping, and touching. Tanner makes his way down Paolo’s body and takes his cock in his mouth. Paolo loves feeling his boy’s mouth and take a seat on the bed for more. He then flips Tanner face down on the bed, grabs his ass cheeks, and throws his face right into Tanner’s hole. Tanner sat on Paolo’s face and rode his tongue before being but on his knees and penetrated by Paolo’s hard dick. Tanner was ready to be fucked, and Paolo wasn’t about to hold anything back. He wanted a hole he could abuse and found it. They fucked and sucked all over the bed until Paolo stroked his load out inside Tanner’s gaping hole. Tanner loved feeling Paolo’s cock squirting inside of him so much that it made him cum while Paolo continued fucking him.


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