GayCest – Father Son CampOut – Austin L Young, Austin Armstrong


Mr. Armstrong loves being able to take his boy out in the world. Every time they go out to dinner or to the movies, he can see the way other men get jealous of him. They see his beautiful, young, happy little guy and wish they could be so lucky. Mr. Armstrong is proud of his boy and he loves knowing that Austin is his.

But as much as he loves to go out, he also can’t get enough of spending quality, one on one time with his son. Camping has always been a favorite pastime of theirs, and ever since they forged their beautiful bond, it’s become even more special.

They drove for hours to get to their secluded spot, only making a few stops along the way before they reached their destination. Despite making good time, it was well after dark when they got to their site. No time to make a fire – the two quickly set up their tent and settled in for the night. They knew they’d be there for a few days, and the s’mores could wait until they were well-rested.

Austin felt the cold air bite at his face as they finished propping up the tent. Even once they got inside, it wasn’t much better. Mr. Armstrong told him to strip down and get in the tent, assuring him that he’d be warm once he was inside his sleeping bag. Austin shivered as he pulled down his pants and took off his shirt, leaving just his pair of briefs.

The little guy slipped into his sleeping bag, rustling around to try and get warm. A few minutes went by and he still felt the chill. He looked over to his old man, similarly stripped and wrapped in his sleeping bag. He looked so warm and still, ready to sleep after a long drive.

Austin didn’t want to disturb him, but he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep. Letting Mr. Armstrong know he was cold, the older man offered to sleep in the bag with him. Austin nodded, sheepishly accepting his daddy’s suggestion. The bag wasn’t really made for two, so he knew they’d have to get pretty close. This wasn’t a problem, of course. The two were used to being pretty intimate.



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