BadPuppy – Russel Kern


Russel Kern is a tall, lanky young man and we find him sitting in a chair rubbing his crotch through his jeans. He lifts up his shirt to show off his tight abs. His hand is drawn back to his crotch where he slowly unzips his jeans revealing a growing bulge in his underwear. His cock is stiff and definitely fills out his underwear. Russell strips out of his shirt and jeans, leaving on only his jock strap. He bends over the chair with his backside towards the camera and pulls apart his ass-cheeks with his hands. He starts slapping his cheeks and his fingers soon find their way into his sweet, tight hole. Primed and ready to go, he slips out of his jock strap, plops down on the chair and his rock-hard cock stands straight up. Russell licks his hands and applies the spit to his cock. He starts jacking his long, uncut piece of meat, thoroughly enjoying it as he tweaks his nipples. This young man knows how to pleasure himself and his jerking gets faster and more deliberate. His breathing deepens as he brings himself close to busting a nut. His balls all but disappear and with a deep, low moan his cock erupts shooting creamy white jizz all over his chest and tummy.