TickledHard – Donny’s Tickle and Cum


It’s been over a year since 21-year-old straight boy Donny was tickled last, and he quickly remembers why he waited so long to come back. His high-pitched giggles are adorable as Franco tickles his fit, young body, and it doesn’t take long before he’s sweating like crazy. Franco focuses on Donny’s smooth, muscular inner thighs first, but after warming them up and a couple of other ticklish spots, he heads for Donny’s size 10 1/2 feet. Franco tickles Donny through his ankle sock with brush handles and a soap saver, then removes the sock and goes between Donny’s toes with his spit-slicked finger. Donny smiles from ear-to-ear, squirming as much as he can and pumping out the laughter from the foot tickling. He struggles so hard that he breaks one hand free, but that just encourages Franco to tickle him harder. Donny’s machine gun laughter finally opens up as he begs for it to stop. In a brief reprieve, Donny’s catches his breath, but Franco quickly returns to the torso, tickling Donny in his wet armpits and upper ribs. Then it’s right back to Donny’s big feet, tickling his slippery soles with a super-pointy brush head, followed by the terrible soap saver once again. With his ticklee worn out, Franco allows him to release the tension and jack out a load. But as soon as Donny cums, Franco restrains his hands again and ends the session torturing his sensitive cock.


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