– DISCIPLINARY ACTION – Austin L Young, Angus Bishop

Apprentice Young’s fingers trembled as he began to unlace his shoes. Standing in the dark, black basement of the Temple, he tried to be brave as he obeyed Grandmaster Angus’ commands. Austin was still sorting through the implications of his fucking and breeding from Master Oaks, not sure yet if what he was doing was good or bad.

It seemed that every step along the way the men in charge would strip him down, fondle him, play with his cock, and fuck him. The details of Masonry were still opaque and elusive to Austin, even despite his family connection. He always thought his father was busy at church with boring local politics or something like Prayer Group. Now, Austin began to question everything he thought he knew. He wondered if his father knew what the Masters were doing and if Dad, too, had been there before when it happened.

Now, in the ominous lair of the Grandmaster, Apprentice Young was sure he was likely to experience more sexual invasion. He had fun before: in the woods and with Oaks. Even the anonymous cum in his hole gave him a special thrill. But seeing Grandmaster Angus’ tall, red velvet throne, the wooden paddle to his side, and a solemn look on his face, the young apprentice knew he was likely in for a very different kind of sexual submission.

Angus was a tall, beefy man with a broad barrel chest and a salt-and-pepper beard. He has a shaved head which accentuates his eyes, making them more penetrating and disarming. His white shirt seemed to barely contain his muscles, and his dress pants struggled to contain his thick, powerful legs. Austin felt so small and powerless next to this muscular bear of a man.


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