GayCest – Dad & Son Plow Cousin Cole – Austin L Young, Tim Armstrong, Cole Blue


For Mr. Armstrong, nothing is more important than family. He adores his boy Austin and wants to shower him with every bit of love and affection he can. The two have been practically inseparable since the first time he bred Austin’s hole. Still, every good dad knows that boys are going to want more than just their old man’s attention.

Mr. Armstrong loves that Austin is discovering more about himself and experimenting with different guys, but he can’t help but want his boy close to him and the rest of the clan. After all, who else is going to know what Austin needs better than his daddy?

When the two went away to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, they found themselves free to explore each other’s desires in a way that felt different from being at home. Even when it was just the two of them the familiar trappings of life at the house made it hard to always do the things they wanted. Such as bringing cousin Cole into the mix.

Cole is a handsome, friendly, bright young man. Not only does he have a tall, athletic body, but he’s sporting a cock that makes both father and son weak. Each of them have had a chance to experience the cousin’s body, but never together as a family. It was always Mr. Armstrong’s dream to have the two of them together, and now, thanks to the Forbidden Boy Hotel, that has become a reality.



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