TimFuck – Ruin the Cunt – Good Muslim Boy – Jafarxxxx Azeezi, Pan Bash

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JAFARXXXX AZEEZI and PAN BASH break every Muslim taboo in “Good Muslim Boy”. Jafar shows up in traditional dress with his cock hard and sets out to use Pan Bash’s infidel mouth and cunt. You know this has happened for centuries, even if they don’t want to admit that it does.

Jafar ruins Pan’s hole – which must be mighty tight from all the yelling coming from the bottom boy. Shut up and take it, Jafar is not taking no for an answer and once his cock is all the way in, fucks it open good. Judging from how Pan’s pathetic dick starts to get hard and shoots, we think the bitch protests too much. Jafar scoops up Pan’s cum, lathers it all over his cock and uses it to finish off the boy’s cunt with his own impressive multiple spurts of sperm.



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