– Personal Trainer Shower – Dolf Dietrich, Ian Levine


Ian and Mark have the same personal trainer. They all met during the outbreak, when Dolf was brought in to help investigate. Since then, it’s been important to make sure that the boys remain healthy. As an expert on male physiology, Trainer Dolf holds private workout classes. His methods are a little different from what the boys are used to, but judging by the look of him, his routines definitely work. The man is older than both of them combined but he’s tall, trim, and well muscled. Ian could feel the massive bulge against his butt when Trainer Dolf held him upside down for some unusual crunches, and he’s hoping he can get that muscle trained too. When Trainer Dolf holds Mark in a fireman’s carry as a makeshift weight for squats, Ian gets a full view of his trainer in action from behind, and feels his cock grow in his pants. He’s hoping for similar treatment.

Trainer Dolf has something else in mind. He puts Ian in plank position to work the boy’s core, but also to get a good look at how the boy’s workout clothes hug his perfect, bubble butt. To give him more of a challenge, Dolf stacks on top of him to get in some pushups with the added bonus of bringing his growing bulge closer to Ian’s ass. He’s been inside him before—it had been a necessary part of his investigation—but he’s hoping to see that bare ass again on his own terms. He sets the boys to some aerobic activity to complete their training, and then heads to the showers.



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