JapanBoyz – Ryo’s Ready To Rumble


Hot blond Ryosuke’s a new model at Japanboyz, but there’s nothing shy or nervous there when it comes to sex. He’s ready and willing to go cock-to-butt with any of the hottest studs Japanboyz has to offer. For his first camera action scene, he’s matched up with Asuka, and the pair trade off with nip nibbles and deep juicy cocksucking in the shower. Ryosuke grabs both their cocks and presses them together in his beating fist, then bends over the shower bench for Asuka to get a taste of his soapy-clean ass.

Once they move to the bedroom Asuka pumps his hips to drill his stiff dick up into Ryo’s mouth. Ryo fingers his hole and slathers on some lube for Asuka to start the booty play. He lies back and opens his legs wide as Asuka slides in three fingers, then four. He’s open and ready to take a whole fist from the looks of it, but he’s not turning down Asuka’s wrapped and ready cock when it slips in. Asuka’s round firm ass bobs as he plows down into Ryosuke’s hot butthole, and Ryo’s head sinks back as he drifts into happy dreamy satisfaction. Asuka pounds from behind and the sexual temperature rises. he grabs Ryo’s hips and aims his cock deep into Ryo’s twitching tunnel. Once Ryosuke climbs on to get a steamy dick ride, they separate and start beating their cocks. Ryo sprays his load first, then Asuka kneels above and splatters a hot sticky wad across his new buddy’s tight abs.



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