TwinkTop – NEW RECRUIT – Bishop Angus, Lucas Ryder


Coach Angus can’t get enough of boys like Lucas. With his lean frame and boyish good looks, he is enthralled by his youth and energy… And not to mention his big bulging cock! After a little workout to get the heart pumping, he offers his fresh-faced friend some extra release.

Lucas couldn’t deny his attraction to the beefy coach. His broad chest, furry arms, and full beard made him look like a daddy in an erotic cartoon! He loved his frame and presence, especially his firm, muscular ass. And when Coach Angus pulled him close, his cock immediately swelled up inside his jock…

Angus could see the boy’s excitement, pulling down his shorts and underwear to take the young man’s thick member into his mouth. It tasted perfect! The boy’s sweaty exertion only made it even sweeter on his tongue. He sucked on it, cradling the boy’s heavy nuts in his hand as his lips worked it up and down.



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