TutorHim – Homework Can Wait – Dylan, Sheena Rose


Dylan needs a bit of extra help with his homework, but he’s going to get some help out of
his jeans! Hiring Sheena Rose to help him, she notices how stressed out he is by school,
and decides to relieve his stress. That should help him with studies, right?
She takes him by surprise, getting his shirt off and then helping him unzip his pants. He’s
already hard by the time she releases his cock from his underwear. Unleashing a thick cock,
she gets right to work, stroking him and playing with his balls.
Before you know it, Sheena has his pants off and he’s on his feet, letting her service his
cock with her hands! Talking dirty to him while she strokes him, he’s really enjoying his
tutor’s work!
As he blows his thick load all over himself, he starts to realize just what a good idea it was
to hire this tutor after all!



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