– Dessert Before Dinner – John Barber, Jacob Dolce


A tasty, innocent thing is used as a prop in this scene with bearded hunky Daddy John Barber and his stepson, Jacob. After all, what better way to get his son to suck his cock? And what little boy doesn’t like ice cream? John doesn’t even bother hiding his lust as he watches Jacob deep throat his chocolate-covered ice cream bar. The boy spills some on his tee-shirt then removes it. Well aware that his stepdad is watching, the way a wolf licks his chops when he spots an injured rabbit, Jacob smears melted ice cream all over his nipple. No Daddy can resist such an invitation, especially one from his own son. Losing himself in his lust, Daddy Jacob offers up his cock for his little boy to suck. Greedy Jacob devours the meaty slab then allows Daddy to get him into position, on his knees, ass out. John slides his cock home and bareback fucks his son, eventually fucking the cum out Jacob before blasting the boy with an enormous load of Daddy cream. So, as you can see, sometimes you just have to have dessert before dinner!


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