– Practice On Me, Daddy – Alex Axel, Maksym King


Alex Axel needs to bone up on his massage skills, and Maksym needs his stepdad to touch him. What starts off innocent, turns intimate, then sexual. You can see the change come over Alex, the moment he caresses his son’s tender flesh. And the slide down the rabbit hole begins. Alex strokes Maksym, even though he knows he shouldn’t. Except he can’t resist. He wraps his lips around Maksym’s plump tool and gives the boy a blowjob. Alex pushes the envelope by shoving his large, thick cock in his little boy’s mouth. The descent down the rabbit hole continues when they move to the bed. There, Maksym sucks his stepdad’s amazingly fat piece of meat before giving up his cherry. With lust in their hearts, father and son no longer care about what is right or wrong. All they care about is the connection between them as Alex eats out the sweet, pink fuck hole presented to him. Maksym closes his eyes and revels as his Daddy then stretches him open, fills him up, then picks up speed as he fucks. Except these two don’t just fuck. They kiss with a hungry passion that is all-consuming. Burning with desire, Alex fucks hard, and Maksym takes everything his Daddy has to give, including the seed that splatters all over his face and into his mouth.



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