Year Released: 1983 Director: Vex WernerrnStudio: Rollo Cast: Tim Kramer, Michael Christopher, Shawn McWilliams, Mike Carr, Mike DeMarco, Chris Burns, Dean Newcomb, Brian Diaz, Paul Tischler, Beau MatthewsrnrnTony’s Initiation is a vintage gay porn video originally released by Rollo Studios. A very private, all-male sex club in a circus tent is the kinky setting for this sizzling gay sex video!rnrnCircus costumes, tuxedo bow ties (like the Chippendale guys), trapeze orgy, big cocks, loads of cum.rnrnYoung, handsome Tony (Shawn McWilliams) is hot to join and his bizarre initiation rites into this inner circle of big horny dudes generates some really hot gay sex!rnrnIn one of the hottest sequences, muscular Michael Christopher gets his tight butthole blasted by Tim Kramer’s bullmeat!rnrnMike Carr is rubbing his short shorts in the woods when Shawn McWilliams comes across him and offers to join him. When they are naked and the bugs start biting, McWilliams asks if there is someplace else to go and then end up in a bedroom. After a lengthy flip-flop fucking, Mike Carr invites McWilliams to his sex club where he has to be undergo a sexual initation.rnrnWhen hitching a ride, McWilliams is cuffed, blindfolded and taken to the club by Tim Kramer and Mike DeMarco. In a white circus tent, Tim Kramer massages McWilliams back to life.rnrnIn front of a masked champagne-drinking audience and dressed as a Ring Master, McWilliams is stripped of his clothes and sucked by Chris Burns, Dean Newcomb and Brian Diaz. Mike DeMarco steps up to fuck him. Then the three initiators, Burns, Newcomb and Diaz finally strip off their posing straps, suck each other and jerk off.rnrnOn a star painted on the floor, McWilliams rides Michael Christopher for the benefit of the audience. Diaz, Newcomb and Burns blows guys in the audience. Then, on trapezes, Paul Tischler blows Beau Matthews and two other guys who don’t seem to be identified.rnrnReviews mention this scene as not being integral to the movie but it was not in the video that was available. It takes place in the same white tent as the Kramer/McWilliams massage. Supposedly this is the first time Michael Christopher ever got fucked on film.rnrnOne Bijou reviewer wrote:rnrn”A funky movie with original twists, and the trapeze orgy is worth the price alone. The soundtrack obviously took some thought and is a cross between ‘Ringling Brothers’ and Lost in Space.”