BrokeStraightBoys – Tanner Valentino, Marcus Rivers


BrokeStraightBoys - Tanner Valentino, Marcus Rivers

Tanner Valentino is back, this time to fuck sweet little Marcus Rivers! They exchange a few quick kisses before Marcus gets cock hungry and goes down on Tanner, pulling that huge shaft into his mouth and trying to deepthroat it, but choking on it instead. Pulling on Tanner’s balls while he sucks his dick, slapping his face with that massive prick, Marcus makes sure he takes good care of Tanner before bending over and offering him that tight hole. Entering him slowly from behind as Marcus waits doggy style on the couch, Tanner pierces that ass with his giant cock, sheathing himself to the hilt in Marcus’s taught hole.

Marcus cries out as Tanner fills him up and pounds him raw, adjusting their position on the couch so he can get even deeper. Tanner lies back and lets Marcus take control, letting him ride him, bouncing his hips up and down on Tanner’s bareback dick while Tanner wraps his big hand around Marcus’s member and strokes him. Leaning Marcus over the couch again, Tanner pounds him hard, every inch of his impressive length disappearing into Marcus’s sore ass as Marcus begs for more, that incredible cock turning Marcus into quite the little slut for Tanner. Marcus unleashes his cum as it drips down his hand and then he bends down to let Tanner stroke one out, a nice cumshot as he gets one last feel of Marcus’s perfect ass!