BrokeStraightBoys – Marcus Rivers, Charles Owens


BrokeStraightBoys - Marcus Rivers, Charles Owens
Charles Owens and Marcus Rivers make a cute pair, but things get steamy pretty fast as they start making out and Charles strips Marcus’s clothes off, taking in his bare body as he picks him up and kisses his soft lips. Lowering him to the floor, Charles sucks on Marcus’s member as Marcus enjoys watching Charles’s muscles flex with effort, and then Charles gets some head next. Marcus gets his throat fucked as Charles shoves his cock into that wet mouth and Marcus takes it all like a good boy and then bends over so that Charles can rim his hole and suck his balls.

When Charles has taken his time to lick every inch of Marcus’s sweet ass, he bends Marcus’s legs up and pushes his cock into him, getting deep as Marcus moans underneath him as they fuck. Taking that raw cock like a pro, Marcus reaches for his own dick and jerks it fast and hard as his ass is filled up with Charles’s big bareback prick, pounding him mercilessly from behind as Marcus gets close to busting a nut. But a few more hard pumps of Charles’s dick into his ass and Marcus can’t help but shoot his load and Charles is close behind, pulling out and covering Marcus with his cum as he shakes in pleasure!