BadPuppy – Roman Capellini, Jhon Bianco


BadPuppy - Roman Capellini, Jhon Bianco
Latin stud, Jhon Bianco just finished his football game, his muscles are sore and Roman Capellini offers to give him a rubdown. Jhon takes off his shirt and lays face down. Roman grabs the massage lotion and slowly works it into Jhon’s back. The look on Jhon’s face and the moans coming from his mouth let Roman know he’s hitting just that right spot. Roman tugs on Jhon’s shorts and pulls them off over his socked feet. Roman straddles John and starts massaging Jhon’s tight, firm bubble-butt. Jhon rolls over and leans back on the sofa, his hot naked body splayed out for Roman to caress and enjoy. Roman works the lotion into Jhon’s tight muscles and his hand slips down to Jhon’s uncut cock. Roman grabs ahold of Jhon’s dick and starts rubbing ever so sensually and at the same time teases Jhon’s nipples. Jhon lays back with his arms behind his head, closes his eyes and enjoys the attention Roman is paying to his cock and body. Roman applies a bit more lotion to Jhon’s cock and as he caresses Jhon’s balls with one hand his other hand slowly works Jhon’s cock back and forth. Apparently Jhon is hyper stimulated from all the attention because it only takes a matter of moments and his nuts all but disappear. Jhon’s body goes rigid as his cock squirts a thick creamy load of jizz coating Roman’s hand along with Jhon’s crotch and leg. Roman can’t resist, he lifts his cum-soaked hand to his mouth and tastes Jhon’s load as Jhon melts into the sofa completely satisfied.