– Disciplinary Action – Maxx Monroe, Legrand Wolf

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Discipline is both a noun and a verb. It is the act of training someone physically or mentally, either someone else or yourself. The term can also be used to describe the action of punishment. In the case of The Brotherhood, discipline is the vehicle to help young men who arrive at better versions of themselves. It is beyond grammatical rules — it is the concept of purpose, directly administered.

In the case of young Apprentice Monroe, the time for his discipline had come. He had already been with, and vetted by, Masters Figata and Kamp. He had learned much about the pleasure of men, and his expected role in providing it. What he had not learned yet, but will, is that pain can be a pleasure, too. It can lead to something larger, something grander than oneself. And a grander and larger presence than any Apprentice Monroe had met before waited for him in a darkened room. He felt a chill run through him at the sight of this imposing figure. This powerful man, carved by time and strength, with the eyes of a hawk and the kind of smile that made one feel small, was Grandmaster Legrand.

Sitting on a red chair that framed him in stark contrast to the rest of the room, Legrand studied the young apprentice as he entered. The Grandmaster’s fingers traced the edge of the wooden board; its dark surface polished to a slight sheen. Monroe shivered at the sight of the Master’s hand on it. He had not seen such a structure before, but as it was pronged with rods of increasing girth and shaped with domes at the top, its purpose needed little imagination to figure out.

Grandmaster Legrand instructed the apprentice to strip himself of his clothes one piece at a time. Tie, dress shirt, belt, slacks — all offered as sacrifice to the Grandmaster. When Apprentice Monroe was down to nothing but his sacred garments the Master beckoned the boy to come next to him.

The apprentice swallowed hard as the Master’s hands roamed across his body. They explored every inch of his skin, leaving trails of heat everywhere they went. It was an experience so intense the boy could only stand there frozen like a statue, unable to move unless his Master ordered him. When Legrand reached down and stroked the young apprentice’s dick through the cloth it brought weak, whimpering sounds of ecstasy out of the boy. Ecstasy that grew in volume as Legrand tweaked his young nipples, and thumbed the head of his boy-cock.

Satisfied with the cry of pleasure from Apprentice Monroe, Legrand fished Maxx’s meat from the cloth and held it between two fingers. Then he leaned forward and drew the cockhead into his lips. He swallowed it in long, sensual gulps, teased and tasted it with his tongue, and made it pop from suction when he removed it from his mouth. The Master could tell from taste alone that Maxx was ready. He had him remove the last of his garments, then guided the boy with a slight wave of his massive hand towards the far end of the wooden board.

With a silver container of sacred oils, Apprentice Monroe coated the first, and smallest, of the prongs. Once slick, he straddled the bench and, with great care, lowered himself onto the first prong. As he did so, Legrand locked onto his gaze. The Master granted him a slight, steely nod and, after a long exhale, the Apprentice lowered himself down further still until the prong pushed inside his rectum. Thanks to both the lubricant of the sacred oils and the lessons from his previous masters, the boy conquered this first prong with ease. He moved up and down it, allowing the warm oil-coated shaft to stretch him.

It wouldn’t be discipline if the task was easy, though. Recognizing the boy’s accomplishment, Legrand ordered him forward towards the next one. It was a little bigger than the first and a little longer. The sacred oil helped again as he eased himself down onto it. He took a deep breath before sliding himself up and down the rod. Then, on order from his master, the boy looked over the battlefield in front of him. The third one Apprentice Monroe conquered was wider and longer; but not yet the biggest. That honor didn’t belong to the fourth one, either, which stretched him beyond what he thought he could handle, leaving him a shaking, weakened wreck.

Which is why when he came to the final prong, the one closest to his Master, the boy couldn’t quite take it in without losing control. It wasn’t just the length, but the incredible girth! Only the most experienced of sphincters could even hope to approach this one. He closed his eyes and concentrated on his breathing, his sweating body sliding as far as it could down the oil-slicked plug. His Master watched intently. When the boy opened his eyes again, his quivering lips admitted defeat.

And that’s fine, the Grandmaster thought. Life is full of hurdles to struggle against. Masters is the Brotherhood recognize that in situations like these the boys are looking for guidance from their elders.

Grandmaster Legrand ordered the apprentice off the prong. The boy nodded obediently and lifted his trembling frame. His eyes glued to his Master’s form. The way this DILF was sitting he was distinguished masculinity personified — and Legrand knew the effect it would have on his apprentice. A quivering erection stood upright from between the boy’s legs, the head of which glistened with pre-cum from its journey down the board of prongs. The Grandmaster ordered him to get onto all fours on the bench and, with great eagerness, the boy complied.

Legrand smiled as he noticed how the muscles of the boy’s ass clenched in anticipation of what was coming next. The Grandmaster had already put many of his young charges through this and was happy to have another chance to enjoy this pleasure. He thoroughly tested the cave of the boy’s stretched rectum with his manly fingers. Satisfied, he rolled up his sleeves, unzipped his pants and positioned himself behind his charge.

As the giant man slid himself into the tiny twink’s bottom, the Apprentice gasped loudly into the boards below. Legrand thrust hard into the boy’s sweating, riled body. He withdrew before slamming back inside once more, and pumped his body again and again with carnal thrusts. The giant Master fucked the twink like this until all that boy could see was stars, and all that he could hear was the creaking of the board supporting his body.

When Legrand finally came, he bred the boy with a rush of primal force. His piston caused the apprentice’s eyes to roll back into his head and a shout to escape from the boy’s ragged throat. The Grandmaster eventually pulled out and, once they both recovered, the tall Master tenderly helped the trembling bottom to stand. He dressed the boy back in his original clothes, brushing out the suggestion of wrinkles with his strong palm. Legrand cuffed his own sleeves, leaned into the boy’s ear, and whispered praise for the apprentice’s performance, gave advice on how he could improve for The Brotherhood, and preparations he’d need to make for his future ordination. Apprentice Monroe, still sweating and gasping, listened, nodded, and obeyed…