BaitBuddies – Bait: Michael S Bait: Nate Stetson


BaitBuddies - Bait Michael S Bait Nate Stetson
The last time Nate Stetson was here, he took a dick in the ass! Now, he’s back for more! Except for this time he’s requesting a specific cock… Michael’s cock! And, that piece of meat is a monster! Michael is tall, ripped, and very proportionate! Every single thing about him is BIG! Including his giant thick dick!

Caruso contacted Michael and he was flattered that he was the one who was selected out of all of the other hot men who are on! And, he was more than happy to hook up with Nate! So, Caruso selected a date and time that everyone agreed on.

Caruso skips the usual setup and tells both guys that he’s just going to step back and let them go at it. And, they sure do! You definitely won’t be disappointed!