BaitBuddies – Bait: Cesar Rossi Straight: Eden


BaitBuddies - Bait Cesar Rossi Straight Eden
Sexy Cesar Rossi is back at the studio and he’s looking to make some money and get some straight cock as well! Fall is just around the corner and Cesar can’t wait! He’s extra horny around this time because with the cooling temperatures comes sweatpants season! His favorite time of the year! Cesar loves to crotch watch and seeing all those dick prints bouncing around in grey sweatpants really turns his crank! So, he asked Caruso to help him out again and Caruso couldn’t say no. After all, Cesar is a resident stud!

Eden is this week’s straight guy and man is he hot! Eden has a shaved head, a big thick beard, and piercing blue eyes! Oh, and he’s packing some meat! Eden is single and experienced, and he says he never has a problem staying hard. So, he thought he’d give porn a shot and see how things go. Plus, he’s hoping to fuck a thick redhead today…

Caruso interviews both guys and then he tells them to drop their pants, get hard, stay hard, and then he’ll go get the girl for the three-way. Cesar and Eden were rockhard within no time so Caruso tells them to sit tight while he goes to go get the girl and for both of them to keep stroking their dicks. But, he returned with terrible news… no girl today because of the lovely Florida flooding. She won’t be coming today but if Cesar and Eden still want to then they’ll have to have sex with each other. Eden didn’t know what to think. But, once he started to talk again, he told Caruso that he reached over once and grabbed his bud’s dick while they were taking turns on the same girl. Today, he’s going to have to do a lot more than grab a cock but at least he’s willing to give it a try!