AdultTime – Who Cares That You’re Married – Lydia Black, Mason Lear, Micah Martinez


AdultTime - Who Cares That You're Married - Lydia Black, Mason Lear, Micah Martinez
Micah Martinez has decided to cook a lovely meal for his two friends, Lydia Black and Mason Lear. While they wait for it to cook in the oven, Mason shows off his new wedding ring, mentioning how happy he is to be going on this exciting journey with his new husband. Lydia and Micah are so happy for him, each of them glowing. Mason mentions that Micah and Lydia seem to have a lot of chemistry together themselves- have they ever thought of taking the plunge? Micah and Lydia seem to consider it seriously, and Mason is happy he was able to bring it to their attention. Maybe something will come of it!

A year later, Micah and Lydia have moved in together after taking Mason’s suggestion to heart. They’ve invited him over to check out their new place, and are hanging out in the living room together. At one point, Mason leaves to go use the washroom. Now alone, Lydia and Micah chat about potentially inviting Mason to have a threesome with them. Lydia’s a bit worried- wouldn’t that mean that Mason would have to cheat on his husband? And not only that, would Mason even want to be in a threesome with a woman? Micah assures her that Mason is bisexual, and when it comes to infidelity well… let’s just say that Mason’s always been a free spirit.

When Mason returns, Lydia and Micah make him the proposition, asking Mason if he’d like to have a little fun with them. He and Micah used to fool around a ton in the past, so it wouldn’t be that new for them, but would he be interested in Lydia? And would he be okay with cheating on his husband? Mason considers it and decides that he’d love to take an opportunity to explore his bisexuality a bit more. He can trust Micah and Lydia to not let the cat out of the bag since they’re such good friends. When it’s clear that Mason is into it, they slip his wedding ring off and start making out with him and groping him from either side.

They all get undressed, with Mason taking turns kissing and fondling the other two’s asses as they disrobe. Micah and Lydia give Mason a double blowjob while he sits back on the couch, moaning with delight. Mason then eats out Lydia’s pussy as she lies back into Micah’s arms and strokes his cock. Mason then moves over to suck on Micah’s cock while Lydia masturbates on his other side, whispering naughty nothings into his ear. Lydia lies back onto the couch and Mason fucks her in missionary while Micah facefucks him at the same time.

Now it’s Micah’s turn to relax, and he lies back on the couch, spreading his legs in the air to show Mason his tight asshole. Mason starts fucking him in missionary, and Lydia starts riding Micah’s cock in cowgirl. Lydia then goes to sit on Micah’s face as Mason continues to fuck his brains out. Micah flips Lydia into a doggystyle position, fucking her from behind as Mason fucks him from behind as well, creating a sex train. This culminates with Micah cumming all over Lydia’s ass. After they lap some of it up, Lydia spreads her legs for Micah to eat her out while he continues to get fucked by Mason from behind until he gives him a loaded anal creampie.

Whether the sex is as good as this with his husband, Mason can always rest assured he’ll be able to get some kinky fun with his two pals, Lydia and Micah. And so what if he’s married? Sometimes, friends cum first!