JawKed.com – Sly’s Perfect Shot – Sly Conan


JawKed.com - Sly's Perfect Shot - Sly Conan
Soccer by Sly Conan is practicing his ball skills when his attention turns to the package swelling up in his shorts. He’s a Jawked jock who knows how to enjoy a little privacy in the locker room and while he probably wouldn’t care even if a teammate or two were around he’s soon toying with the swelling dick in his soccer shorts.

With his shirt off we get to admire his lean and ripped physique, clearly built from playing plenty of sports beyond just football.

And being such an active young man it’s no surprise that his needs are so heightened and his cock is so easily aroused. His penis is long and rigid when he slips his shorts down and soon it’s poking out of his snug briefs, too.

Sly really does have a lovely uncut penis, so meaty and stiff, with a few slaps in his open hand it’s raging and ready to be pumped in his experienced fist.

The horny lad takes a seat on the bench and focuses his attention on his meat, kneeling for a while to milk his length down between his thighs. It’s a tempting sight and we have to wonder what a teammate might do if they walked in and caught him in that moment.

The sporty boy finishes with a very kinky ending, aiming his swollen dick at the sole of a soccer boot as semen splashes out between the studs, repeated spurts of hot milky cock juice drenching the plastic.

It’s a good thing he hasn’t dirtied them on the pitch yet, it means he can collect a little of his soccer cum and taste it.