– The Interview – Maxx Monroe, Felix Kamp

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Maxx has been summoned to one of the ceremonial rooms for his first interview. He’s smartly dressed in shirt and tie, his mouse brown hair neatly cropped and styled. The powerful and intimidating Master Kamp ushers Maxx to a seat.

Maxx feels nervous and self-conscious. Everything in the room is almost glaringly white, from the carpet and walls to the fabric curtains which billow in the soft, summer breeze.

Kamp, dressed in a white suit, sits down next to Maxx and studies the boy’s face. The silence makes Maxx increasingly uncomfortable. Kamp finally speaks.

His voice is soft but authoritative. He has a strong German accent. He reads a signed declaration, reminding Maxx of the promise he made to serve his superiors at all times during his apprenticeship.

But before Maxx can meet his obligations, Kamp has a list of probing questions which he needs to ask him. It’s important to find out more about the boy and Kamp insists on absolute honesty.

The master’s initial line of questioning focuses on the boy’s sexuality. The quest for pleasure is central to Masonic philosophy and it’s vital to know what makes a boy tick. Knowledge is power, after all.

When asked, Maxx flatly denies being attracted to men. That is a typical response. A boy will often require gentle persuasion to accept his true nature… and Kamp is the master of persuasion.

The Master reminds Maxx of his promise to serve his superiors before casually ordering the boy to take off all of his clothes. Maxx is utterly dumbfounded and, for a moment, freezes, as he tries to process Kamp’s demand.

A moment later, he dutifully stands, takes a deep breath, and begins to undress. He takes off his tie and shirt, desperate to appear calm while his hands shake uncontrollably. Kamp watches approvingly as Maxx tentatively unbuckles his belt and unbuttons his well-fitting pants, letting them fall to the ground.

In just his underwear, Maxx feels vulnerable. And Kamp likes what he sees.

Kamp pulls his chair nearer to Maxx, who instantly begins to blush. The close proximity of the master is somewhat disarming. Kamp wears a highly expensive scent which instantly envelops the boy in a cloud of sensuality. The blood in Maxx’s body starts to rush to his dick.

Kamp asks if Maxx is prepared to prove he’s not attracted to men. And when Maxx nods nervously, Kamp stands and promptly ties the boy’s hands behind his back. Maxx’s heart starts to pound. He’s terrified and unsure of what comes next, knowing that it’s all a test he’s determined to pass.

Kamp starts to seductively run his large hands over the boy’s thigh and then up to his chest. A shiver runs through Maxx’s body and his dick stiffens noticeably. Kamp is soon touching every part of the boy’s body, activating his erogenous zones and making him tremble with a mixture of terror and unparalleled pleasure.

The smartly-clothed master pulls down the boy’s underpants so that he’s entirely naked. Kamp then pushes one of his thick fingers into Maxx’s tight, virgin hole. The boy winces and gasps and enters a lust-fuelled trance. His huge, curved, rock-hard dick now points towards the ceiling as Kamp jerks it slowly.

The boy’s eyes widen as Kamp pulls out a smooth, perspex dildo. Maxx instinctively knows that it’s going to be used to penetrate him and tenses as it approaches his ass.

Kamp attempts to push it into him. Maxx resists for some time, but Kamp persists and the dildo eventually disappears entirely into his quivering hole.

Kamp pushes Maxx’s legs wide apart so the boy has no place to hide what is happening to him. Maxx looks down, seeing the object sticking out from his hole. And when he looks up at Kamp, the stoic German simply proceeds without waver or excitement.

He studies Maxx closely, curious how far he can take him, knowing that Maxx is likely to take whatever he gives. Maxx closes his eyes and pants and moans while Kamp continues to jerk his swollen dick.

Wave-after-wave of profound sexual energy crash through Maxx’s shaking body. He had no idea his body could ever be made to experience such intense feelings. Maxx starts to jerk his own dick while Kamp uses one hand to twist and flick the boy’s nipples, using the other to drive the dildo in and out of his throbbing hole.

It’s suddenly way too much and Maxx explodes. Semen gushes out of his dick like water from a hose. He can’t quite believe what’s happening. And as Kamp gently wipes the sticky cum from his belly, Maxx wonders what else can be heading his way during the rest of his apprenticeship.