– Caleb – Summer Sunshine

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Caleb is one of those boys that you could literally fit into your pocket. Dr. Wolf was blown away when he first laid eyes on him. This pale-skinned, flame-haired cutie-pie can’t be much more than 5 feet tall – and that’s when he’s on his tippy-toes! Standing next to the giant-sized doctor, he appears even smaller!

Caleb has been getting acquainted with Dr. Wolf for some time now. He’s become a regular at the doctor’s country house and enjoys every minute of the time he spends there. The doctor has a gorgeous, modern home, but they often hang out outside, enjoying the fresh air and sun, completely losing track of time. And it makes getting frisky all the more exciting.

Doctor Wolf loves to massage and fondle the boy’s smooth, skinny body, pulling down his shorts to reveal his peachy little butt. Because of the disparity in their sizes, he treats the boy like a fragile object. After all, if he’s too rough with him, Caleb will snap in half! That said, the doctor can never resist grabbing one of the boy’s juicy ass cheeks with his enormous hands and giving it a good, hard grope! And sometimes, it’s clear Caleb wants to be tossed around!

Dr. Wolf pulls Caleb’s dick through his legs, squeezing and sensuously caressing it until it’s rock hard, leaving the diminutive boy gasping uncontrollably for more.

Caleb kneels in front of the doctor and slowly pulls down his shorts. His heart always skips a beat when he sees Dr. Wolf’s giant-sized dick springing out of the fabric and bouncing towards his face. He sucks the doctor, his hungry mouth barely able to take Wolf’s massive member.

He always persists bravely, however, and never ceases to thrill every fiber of the horny doctor’s being. Dr. Wolf will never tire of this tiny boy’s eagerness to please, coupled, of course, with his captivating innocence…

Dr. Wolf rocks Caleb onto his back and pushes his legs up to expose the boy’s tight hole. He rubs his immense manhood all over Caleb’s sweet butt before lubing himself up and very gently making his way inside.

The boy always struggles to fully acclimatize himself to Dr. Wolf’s gargantuan penis. Physics dictates that things as big as that should not be pushed into things as small as his hole. As it inches into him, Caleb feels like he’s being torn in two. He trembles and gets goosebumps as his entire body is engulfed by alternate waves of pain and pleasure.

Wolf is a patient man and a sensitive lover. He never uses force. He simply goes at the pace dictated by his bottom boy. When the boy is ready, he pushes himself in another quarter inch. And then another. And another.

The doctor pulls Caleb onto his lap, allowing the tiny twink to cling onto him like a koala bear, while his insides are being entirely re-arranged with every intense thrust. The boy yelps in shock, barely able to comprehend the intensity and enormity of what’s happening to him.

The doctor will often change positions, his dick always remaining inside the boy. When Caleb is ready, Dr. Wolf starts to thrust and the boy will immediately enter a state of pure, ecstatic bliss. The doctor fixes his big brown eyes on the boy, grits his teeth and skewers him like a kebab, athletically throwing Caleb’s teeny body into scores of positions like some sort of strong man at an X-rated circus.

Wolf pounds harder, faster, and deeper until his balls start to clench. Semen starts to rise uncontrollably along the length of his shaft. A few more thrusts and it will start to burst out of him, gushing into the boy’s abdomen with a huge, fiery force that will no doubt leave the boy in an even greater state of bliss…