BaitBuddies – Bait: Adrian Rose Straight: Darron Bluu


BaitBuddies - Bait Adrian Rose Straight Darron Bluu
Hung and uncut hottie, Adrian Rose is back at the studio and so is big thick dick, Darron! Adrian has been here twice but Darron has only been here once. Since then, Adrian has gone on to make more porn and Darron has started to explore his sexuality a lot more with his girlfriend!

After Darron’s experience at, he started getting kinkier with his girlfriend. But, she started to get kinkier as well and one day she stuck her finger in Darron’s virgin butt! He was so hot and horny that he didn’t care so he went along with it. Then, she decided she wanted to try pegging him. Darron can never so no to his girl so he let her have her way. And, he actually loved it! So much so, that Darron contacted Caruso and wanted to know if he could find a real cock for him to ride. Caruso was more than happy to help him out on his journey and he had the perfect guy in mind… Adrian Rose! Adrian has a beautiful uncut cock and he knows how to use it! Today, he’ll be sticking it in Darron’s tight little hole!


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