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Vitali Shevchuk is from Lviv. He is aged 21 and is a university student. When he has spare time he enjoys sports, fitness and soccer. He looks very relaxed as he sits on the edge of the bed and does his interview. He has a ready smile as he answers the questions. Then, as requested, he stands up and starts to strip. Firstly he bares his hot chest and does some flexing. His body is very nicely developed and he poses so well to show it perfectly. The Vitali takes off his shorts and slightly lowers his underwear to pose more, showing his pubes too. He keeps the smile on his face as he lowers his underwear and then takes it off to show his cock and balls as he flexes his biceps too. He runs his hands all over the hot body Turning around he shows off his sexy ass too. Reaching back he spreads the cheeks to expose his hot hole as well. Then he kneels on the chair and arches his back to part the cheeks naturally as the tight hole is shown off. That hairy hole looks so inviiting as he spreads the cheeks wider. Both hands spread that ass wide pulling on the hot little hole. Then Vitali stands and does more flexing and posing, turning around too. He takes hold of his cock and starts to wank it. As he wanks with one hand he feels his sexy chest with the other. The cock gets nice and hard as Vitali wanks it, with the balls tightening too. Then he sits in the chair and oils his cock as he wanks it. With his cock rock hard in his hand Vitali’s balls tighten at the base. He rubs his hot chest too as he wanks hard on his dick. Then he lifts his legs and shows off his hot ass hole again too, as well as giving a great view of the soles of his feet. Lowering his legs again he returns to wanking his cock and keeps going as he stands up. The wanking gets faster and soon the hot cum shoots out, to land on the floor below. Vitali keeps wanking until he has milked every last drop from that cock.